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Crane Neck Tree Farm
No Matter Your Budget, Come On Out and Celebrate With Us! 
Check Out Some Friendly Options Below!
We have several options for discount trees this year. The first of which is our Rochester, NH location. It boasts a beautiful selection of premium Fraser Fir to 8'+ for $45. For a little bit of distance from our main Crane Neck location, you will find absolutely beautiful trees at an unbeatable price.

At our Crane Neck Street location, our overstock Norway Spruce lot (trees to 8'+) will be priced at $45, as well. This lot will open on Saturday December 7th and will remain open on our scheduled farm hours for the duration of the season. See our homepage for dates and times.

As in recent years, all of our Massachusetts locations (Crane Neck Street & Church Street in West Newbury and Wood Street in Groveland) will have a number of discount trees at a range of tagged prices. 

So no matter what your budget, come on out and celebrate with us!