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Here Comes Santa Claus!
Hours, Tree Selection, and Pricing for 2016 ~ Please note that because we are a seasonal business, we are unable to accept credit or debit cards.
114 Crane Neck Street, West Newbury, MA Location
Hours of Operation 12/9-12/12: We suggest arriving by 3pm. The snack shack is closed for the season. Limited tractor rides may be available at the lower barn area on 12/10 and 12/11.

Lower Barn Area:
Saturdays and Sundays: 9am-4pm.
Tree Selection: 
Norway Spruce to 8'. $55. Sell out is a possibility on Saturday, December 10th.
Discount Balsam Fir to 8'. $25-$40. Limited supply.
Precut Douglas Fir to 8'. Fresh cut on 12/6 Limited supply.

Upper Hill Area:
Monday and Friday Only: 10am-4pm.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday: Closed
Anticipated last day of season: Please check website for update after Tuesday, December 13th.
Tree Selection:
Fraser Fir to 7+'. $55. Two weekends of great weather have been extremely busy for us. Good trees can be found from the remaining supply, but the selection is limited.
Douglas fir (way in the back of the farm) to 9'. $60. Limited supply.
Balsam Fir (right at the front gate) to 8'. $65. This variety has been significantly harvested this season. The remaining trees in the field could use another year to mature.

Precut trees will be available at the lower barn area, even during the Upper Hill Area hours of operation. As of today, there are 25-30 very nice precut Douglas Fir available, cut on 12/6.

Other than the selection under the power lines in the lower barn area, our discount trees have primarily been harvested for the season. There are still discount trees in the field, however, after two very busy weekends, the trees that are left have not yet been selected, and there is a reason for that. Wink, wink.

65 England Rd, Rochester, NH Location (Only 10 minutes west of exit 9 off route 16)
Hours of Operation: Weekends only. We suggest arriving by 3:15.
Saturday and Sunday, December 10th and 11th: 9am-3:45pm
Check website after December 14th for possible opening on December 17th and 18th.

At this point in the season, in contrast to some of our busier locations, our Rochester location still has an excellent selection of Douglas Fir to 8 feet, an excellent selection of Fraser Fir from 6 to 7 feet, and a good selection of Fraser Fir to 7 feet.

All trees are priced at $45 at this location. Tree bailing will be limited at this location, so bringing your own twine or rope to secure your tree is suggested. A pickup truck or a vehicle with a roof rack is ideal. Please note that there is no tree drilling for stands available at this location, but you can get your Rochester tree drilled at our Crane Neck Street or Wood Street locations.

17.5 Wood Street, Groveland, MA Location
Hours of Operation: We suggest arriving by 3:30.
Mondays and Fridays: 12pm-4pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 9am-4pm
Open late into the season. We will not run out of inventory at this location. Our Wood Street location continues to contain the best inventory in our tree farm system. We have a supply of 8'-9' premium Douglas Fir that will not be exhausted this season. Check website for closing date later in the season. There is also a good selection of 6 to 7 foot Balsam Fir at this location. As of the weekend of 12/10, the wagon ride will continue. Hot dog stand and hot chocolate also available.

Please see http://www.woodstreetchristmastrees.com for detailed Wood Street pricing and inventory.

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Crane Neck Christmas Tree Farm
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114 Crane Neck Street West Newbury, Massachusetts 01985
Website last updated December 6th, 2016
Website will be updated regularly as inventory changes.

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Important Note: This Website is the only official website for Crane Neck Tree Farm. Some other websites have published dates/hours of operation and inventory information. We cannot confirm or control the accuracy of information disseminated through other websites.
Helpful Hint: We strongly suggest you measure the area in your home where you plan to place your tree. Keep in mind that trees look smaller in the field. We do provide measuring sticks, but if you would like to bring a measuring tape, it is helpful.
Website last updated December 6th, 2016
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That's right, he will be here soon. Come on out to Crane Neck Tree Farm and make sure you are ready! 2016 looks to be a fabulous year with lots of trees, multiple locations, weekend and weekday hours, a variety of pricing, and of course, tractor rides on weekends at the Crane Neck and Wood Street locations. With just a little time exploring this website, you should be able to plan a tree-cutting experience that will be great fun for you and your family.
All Prices are subject to change without notice