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2022, Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
120 Crane Neck Street, West Newbury Location
Open Hours

There are no more weekend hours at our Crane Neck Street location. Please check website for weekday hour updates as inventory changes.

Weekdays Only: 

Tuesday 11/29 & Wednesday 11/30: CLOSED.

Thursday, 12/1: We can help you 12pm-4pm. Please call 978-270-9365 ahead of time to assess the likelihood that we have a tree that will suit your needs. We don't want you to travel too far and be disappointed.

Friday, 12/2: Open at our Wood Street Location ONLY from 12pm-4pm & CLOSED at Crane Neck Street. Please visit https://woodstreetchristmastrees.com/index.html for details. Some trees to 7' at Wood Street.

Inventory & Pricing:
The majority of our trees are 6' or under.
Limited selection of cut-your-own Douglas Fir, any height $89, tax included ($83.75 plus $5.25 tax).

​Pre-Cut Trees: At this time, we have a small handful of pre-cut trees left. We may replenish the pre-cut area before the season is over. Check website for restock information as season progresses. These trees are popular and available while supplies last.

Cut-Your-Own Discounted Trees: SOLD OUT.

22 Church Street, West Newbury Location
Thank you for all of your patronage. The inventory at this location is exhausted and this location is no longer a functioning part of Crane Neck Tree Farm.

65 England Rd, Rochester, NH Location
Thank you for all of your patronage. The inventory at this location is exhausted and this location is no longer a functioning part of Crane Neck Tree Farm.

17 Wood Street, Groveland Location
Friday, 12/2: 12pm-4pm. Please visit https://woodstreetchristmastrees.com/index.html for details.
Locations, Hours, Tree Varieties, Inventory, and Pricing for 2022
Crane Neck Christmas Tree Farm
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114 Crane Neck Street West Newbury, Massachusetts 01985
Website last updated November 29, 2022
Website will be updated regularly as inventory changes.

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Important Note: This Website is the only official website for Crane Neck Tree Farm. Some other websites have published dates/hours of operation and inventory information. We cannot confirm or control the accuracy of information disseminated through other websites.
Helpful Hint: We strongly suggest you measure the area in your home where you plan to place your tree. Keep in mind that trees look smaller in the field. We do provide measuring sticks, but if you would like to bring a measuring tape, it is helpful.
Website last updated Nov. 29th, 2022

Come on out to Crane Neck Tree Farm and get in the spirit. Celebrate the final weeks of 2022 with us, turn up the music, and let's rock around the Christmas tree!
All Prices are subject to change without notice.
Please Note: Due to the seasonal nature of our business, we are unable to accept credit/debit cards. This year, exact change and/or a check, and your own ballpoint pen make limited contact transactions easier. Thank you.
Please be prepared to tie your tree to your car. We HIGHLY suggest bringing a car with a roof rack or plan to place the tree inside the vehicle. Tree security is the driver's responsibility. We provide twine, but your bungees or more substantial rope is always a plus.
Come on out and hit the farm;
get outside and enjoy the charm;
things don't always stay the same,
be sure to check the website for any schedule change.